Mentes con Alas A.C. is an association that delivers a space-type community, which offers a Rehab program of integral character for adults, men and women, with cerebral palsy and related problems.

Community: Group of people with the same life condition (Cerebral Palsy) who want to live together and develop in a harmonious environment, inspired by ethical and human values.


Mentes con Alas A.C. Life Community for Adults with Cerebral Palsy, aspires for the year 2020:

Be recognized in regional and national level as:

  • A community that works and contributes to the development of productive, individual, and collective potentialities for adults with cerebral palsy.
  • A replicable Community Model for the specialized attention of adults with cerebral palsy, that, through systematization, become able to contribute knowledge development on rehab methods and signifying activities surrounding Cerebral Palsy terms.
  • An organization that works for the greatest visibility, social diffusion of this life condition, and by the achievement of human identity and the compliance of all the rights for adults with cerebral palsy.