Offer a community for adults with Cerebral Palsy and related problems a specialized care model to boost their integral development in a comfortable environment inspired by ethical and human values.

Community: Group of people with the same life condition (Cerebral Palsy) who want to live together and develop in a comfortable environment, inspired by ethical and human values.


Mentes con Alas, A.C. aspires for the year 2023:

  • Mentes con Alas A.C. aspires for the year 2023: To benefit 35 adults with Cerebral Palsy with this integral program.
  • Create its own productive projects that in addition to generating an income would help to sustain the community and become a space for training and job opportunity.
  • Identify the talents, capacities and abilities of each member to develop them and focus them towards a productive end.
  • Observe and place each member according to his or her current capacities in protected and productive workshops, and / or labor inclusion projects in local companies.
  • Boost productivity among members through challenges and support activities knowing their scope.
  • Expand our productive spaces within the community.
  • Operate and benefit different “Lagunera” families through a family program.
  • To bring a group of adults with Cerebral Palsy to the program of an independent life.
  • Achieve the third editorial publication.
  • Have indicators for measuring results.
  • Increase social participation
  • Have the use of communicators and cutting-edge technology for adults with Cerebral Palsy with verbal communication problems.
  • Improve communication and institutional dissemination to cover the Lagunera Region: Gómez, Lerdo, etc.
  • Improve attention to benefactors.
  • Work together with other OSC’s in the dissemination and fulfillment of the rights of persons with disabilities; as well as the impact on public policy, on the issue of Inclusion and Rights of Persons with Disabilities.