Mentes con Alas A.C., as many other civil associations, born from love and a mother’s motivation towards the birth of a son with cerebral palsy.

Fernando, born in December 1979 of the Laguna’s marriage of Juan Fernando Ávila Garza and Ruth Berlanga Quintero. Both dedicated their efforts to investigate the way to offer him the medical assistance and the lovely care, necessary for his development. During that time, the knowledge of therapeutic rehab methods of cerebral palsy was precarious, particularly in the Region Lagunera; so, they had to do a hard investigation labor and constant trips to different locations in and outside the country.

In Cuernavaca, Morelos resided and worked Dr. Christine A. Nelson, of American nationality, a big heart woman and unapproachable spirit in working with kids of neuromotor problems, with her example and wide knowledge in the cerebral palsy topic, supports the entrepreneur spirit of Ms. Ruth Berlanga to create a space capable of providing the best life opportunities for people with Cerebral Palsy.

Ruth Berlanga and her husband concerns overall were funded in the future of the adults with cerebral palsy, there were no options for the adult age follow-up. For this reason, they channel their efforts in a constant search of national and international level models.

It is not until august 30, 2004 that initially starts working with four adults, who gave origin to what today is known as Mentes con Alas Inc., a Life Community for Adults with Cerebral Palsy, first place of its type in the Comarca Lagunera.

Name's origin

It was born from the creativity of the community members themselves at the beginning. Convinced that despite having a body with a neurological injury, his mind was able to dream, desire, love, create, think, decide ... go further. Simply put, I was able to fly.