Be a volunteer

  • They are people that in addition of their own professional labors and personal, dedicate part of their time to realize solidarity activities in continual form, uninterested, and responsible.
  • The volunteers do not realize their actions in favor of their own nor to the directives of the organizations where they integer, but in favor of others and collective social interests.
  • All these integrated in a project that does not end in every concrete intervention, but attends to contribute in prevention, attention, and problem solving.

Executives. They form part of the Council, Patronage. They constitute the government organ of the organization.

Operative. They have specific responsibilities inside the Integral Program and the activities schedule of the organization.

Support. Organize or participate in special activities in benefit of the organization (fundraising events, recreative activities, cultural, providing donations in species or monetary in monthly basis, among others).

Social Service and Interns. Educative institution students that wish to apply their social hours or internships in our association.

  • Being a person with wishes to provide their hours and capabilities to contribute to the association’s mission.
  • Being a person without psychiatric problems.
  • Being a person with solidary principles, amiability, simplicity, commitment, respect, generosity, and honesty.
  • Being a person uninterested in receiving an economic retribution.
  • Being a person with the capacity and disposition to apply all its potential in activities development where they will perform.
  • Being a person with great interest in the development of new abilities and knowledge in benefit of the mission and vision of the association.