A tale, a simple story, an approach to know what Cerebral Palsy and its implications. A reflection to learn to integrate in society…

Have you ever felt strange, like a sort of “weirdo” to some people? It happened to me, there were characteristics in others that seemed to me more interesting and attractive than mine, and I asked myself “Why I don’t have that?” “Why I can’t do the same?”

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Through an autobiographical story Jose Reynaldo Alcorta Benavides, Nono shows that the best of the human being can manifest in adversity, in counter-current navigation. With physical limits Nono has not had obstacles in the intellectual and the spiritual. His soul has lived permanently standing, in unwavering fight to show that despite the extreme difficulty, despite the limits that life imposed, he has been able to go ahead, full of faith, pride, and interior strength,, he has been over any material limitation, and so today he is an integer man.
With the soul standing constitutes, additionally, a life affirmation, a testimony that share us to search the best of us to raise it and put it to the service of everyone else.

Author’s Data

Jose Reynaldo Alcorta Benavides, born in April 2, 1968 in Monterrey, N.L. with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, mixed severe spastic - athetoid. He did computation technical studies and has been instructor of this topic in different institutions linked to medical attention and social. He dedicates to graphic design by computer. He is married and with two daughters. He works in Mentes con Alas since 2004.

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