The Model of Attention of Mentes con Alas is directed to adult men and women, diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy or related situations, from 21 years and older, who are willing to become part of the Community.

The dialog and the process that is established to provide a mutual opportunity (prospect person and members) to become part of the Community, goes through a evaluation of physical, familiar, sociocultural, and economic situation. This with the intention of accounting with the enough elements to help see the compatibility, for both the prospect-person and the programs developed by and for Adults with Cerebral Palsy.

It is considered that the maximum number of the group should be of 35 adults by Community, with the purpose of achieving a real incidence in the Rehab to the personal autonomy, as well as a significative integration to the Life Community.

The Model has shown success because activates the resiliency (capacity of a living thing to overlay periods of emotional pain and adverse situations) of the HUMAN BEING thanks to provide these conditions to the members:

  • The reason of being of this grouping is the adult with Cerebral Palsy.
  • We specialize in this disability to focus in each necessity that the condition represents itself for each individual.
  • Each adult with cerebral palsy is treated with respect, lots of affect, and dignity (not like children, nor angels).
  • We work in communities of small groups related, who wish to become part of a group with which to establish relations based in the common well, a place where becomes for them their second home.
  • They are provided of harmonic and dignified spaces.
  • They are offered an Integral Rehab Program that cover all aspects of Human Beings: Rehab and Healthcare, Emotional and Socio-Affective Rehab; Learning and Development of Cognitive Skills; Productive Integration; Social Integration.
  • We count with high human sense staff, capable of making life in daily activities, with universal principles like: happiness, kindness, simplicity, patience, altruism, respect, positive talk, loyalty, gratitude, honesty, responsibility, commitment.
  • We follow the treatment model of Neurodevelopment under Bobath concept, because is a life concept, that does not offer strict regimes, but provide elements applied according to the necessities of each person. Based on observation, analysis and interpretation of what and how they realize daily activities and their surroundings development.

In this way we see the individual in an integral way, with the final purpose of inclusion in the society.

What do we understand by a Life Community?

In simple terms, a life community is built by a group of persons who wish to live together in a harmonic environment, inspired in ethic and human values, and with this final purpose create a space and a social network.

At the base of the community is the reciprocal relationship individual-collectability.
In words of the philosopher Luis Villoro, if “an individual considers itself an element of a totality, when searching for its own wellbeing, searches for the whole”.

The identity is built during our interaction with others; first with the family, then in the school, and lately in our laboral and social spheres. The life community resembles a great family and the family is the basic unit of the society.


Integration. The idea of being community born from the wish of joining/integrating in a family form, with adults, men and women, all with cerebral palsy, with whom to create deep bonds of love, comprehension, respect, to share, grow, and improve together.

Love. Inside and outside Mentes con Alas love will be practiced by all living things, without considering some of them nearby and others far away.

Comprehension. Being able to put on another’s shoes. Achieving empathy. Respect. This value includes thought, speech, caring and lovely action by all human being.

Tolerance. Linked to respect it should procure inculcating respect by thoughts that do not match with ours. Learning day by day not to judge.

Cooperation. Every realized action should promote mutual help. Keep track of our similar.

Happiness. Should be promoted the friendly smile, the joy for the instant, the here, the now.

Amiability. It will be practiced the cordial treatment, affective, and lovely that born from the spirit openness for each alive being.

Service. In everything and above all love and serve.

Simplicity. Simplicity will be practiced that seeks to leave by a side the egocentrism that move us away of human development.

Enthusiasm. Enjoy each instant of each act.

Gratitude. Practice the thank to life, to divinity, to God or to whom each member professes worship… every instant, every day, every lived situation like opportunities to learn and grow.

Communication. Seek that this value does not be neglected in any moment because it is basic for the healthy and efficient functionality of the entire organization.

Responsibility. Care that each thought, word, and act take account of the other and the consequences.

Honesty. Avoid at all the lies or half-truths.

Practice the truth before all.