Training and Entrepreneurship Center ‘Creative Wings’ of Mentes con Alas A.C. Community

We believe in the importance that a job has in any person’s life, since the simple fact of training to obtain an employment will give a great satisfaction and self-esteem, as every achievement approached occupational, as small as it is, will represent a goal accomplished.

With “Creative Wings” formalization we develop several programs oriented to train, inspire, motivate, and influence in our members the work philosophy, learning to be punctual, responsible, disciplined, to strive in being productive every day in spite of their disability, offering them the opportunity of integrating to the productive life, through protected and productive workshops, inclusion projects with personal accompanying and monitoring in local industries and self-employment projects to work from home.

We also support ourselves identifying in them their talents and skills to be exploded and monetized with the objective of being able to receive income of something they enjoy and know how to do it well, in addition to inspire them through special guests that are being example and spearhead in terms of labor inclusion inside their surroundings.

When consuming the products and services of “Creative Wings” you are not only consuming quality to a fair price and fulfilling the responsibility of being inclusive, but also you are providing an additional opportunity to our vulnerable community to be self-sufficient, deserving, productive, and useful for the society.

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